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Lynn has made a career of helping people heal, solve problems and live with healthy attitudes.


"It is truly a joy for me to help people use hypnosis to solve problems and to be healthy and happy. I have seen some pretty amazing things happen" – Lynn Ralston, R.N., CHt.

Success Stories


Surgery Preparation

Sharon I would like to take a moment to thank you for making it possible for Lynn to offer hypnotherapy through your facility. She has truly touched my life in a remarkable way. My story is this...
I was scheduled to have surgery on June 14 for the spinal fusion of my C-5 and C-6 vertebrae. As I am a person who has required numerous surgeries over my 52 years of life I know what to expect and what it is going to feel like. This scheduled surgery had my anxiety level at its maximum controllability. I felt daily as though I was on the verge of suffering with a full blown panic attack. My mind was plagued with the thoughts of the severe pain I would be in upon awakening from the procedure, the violent vomiting while in an immobilizer neck collar if I utilized the narcotics as I suffer greatly with severe vomiting from them, and my body rejecting a bone implant as they could not use my own bone. Upon attending the Introduction of Hypnosis seminar I finally felt a ray of hope. I met with Lynn after the seminar and explained my plight. Lynn in her kind, mild-mannered warmth just smiled and said I can help you with this. I met with her a week before my surgery for a hypnotherapy session. I vaguely remember much of the session itself other than how relaxing it was. But the one thing I did notice was the great relief I felt immediately after coming out of the hypnosis. Words cannot express the extreme change of thoughts that I had. For the first time I no longer faced the surgery with fear and panic. I could talk about the surgery without my voice quivering and tears pooling in my eyes. As she records the session on CD for your ability to replay it, I played the CD several times before my surgery, even on the way to the hospital the morning of my surgery. In the past my surgeries would always be questionable how “stable” I was as by the time I arrived at the hospital. My blood pressure would be off the charts, not to mention my heart rate, my sugar levels would be elevated and my eyes would be red and swollen with tears as I walked trembling into the hospital to await the procedure scheduled. My physical appearance and metabolic conditions simply could not be controlled. That day, June 14, 2011, I walked into the hospital confident, with no tears in my eyes, my blood pressure was normal, and my sugar was normal. I went through the procedure and awoke with NO pain. Later that night I developed a headache from not eating in over 24 hours so I asked for a Tylenol. The nurse told me I shouldn’t need anything as I have the “pump” to just hit the button. I told her I wasn’t using it as evident by the “button” laying on the floor as it had fallen out of the bed and I could not reach it and was not permitted to get out of bed. I stated again I simply wanted a Tylenol. She just looked at me in shock and walked over to the machine and retrieved the switch and hit the button stating “this is all you need.” Within a matter of minutes I became very sick in my stomach but did not vomit but it was close so she learned never hit that button again. I never hit that button. My bag of narcotics the next day was as full as when they attached it to me. There was never a need as I was in NO pain from the surgery. The next day they came for me for occupational therapy and offered to help me get out of the bed. I told them no need to help; I was fine. I proceeded to do all the things they asked me to do with no assistance. They were all commenting on how they could not believe it, that they still had people that wouldn’t even try to get out of the bed yet. I just chuckled as I could hear in my head Lynn saying, “Everyone will be commenting on how well you are doing and how they can’t believe it.” But it didn’t stop there. Normally you are off several months with this type of procedure and in a collar for a couple of months. I was back to work in 12 days and out of my collar in 17 days! When I went to my first post op appointment they took me for X-rays and said they better retake it. I thought something was wrong. But that wasn’t the case. After my doctor looked at the X-rays he told me not to put the collar back on; Everything had healed quite nicely. It was amazing but there was no need to put the collar back on. What an awesome day that was.

Sharon I am sure there were many factors that played a roll in the success of my surgery and healing that would include the great surgeon I had and my loving husband and family. However I would have to say first in foremost is Lynn as she was able to change my whole thought process which included the elimination of my fear of the pain and medications, the prompting of my body to take control and heal promptly, and the confidence that it was going to be ok because of the great surgeon I did have and my family being able to provide everything that is needed. And, thanks to you the opportunity created for me to meet Lynn!


Panic Anxiety

Just thought I’d let you know that I am doing better!  The number and intensity of my “amygdala attacks” are substantially reduced.

     -L.S., Grove City, PA


Wart Elimination

Also, some of my warts are beginning to recede . . .something that hasn’t happened in a long time.


4months later...

I thought you would be interested to know that my warts have stayed gone since you helped me with them, which brings me to the purpose in emailing you.  My son  . . . wondering whether you would be able to do a session with him . . .                  

     -L.S., Grove City, PA




Weight Loss

I had an appointment with Lynn for Hypnosis for healthier eating and weight loss on June 6th & 8th, 2011.  I've never been hypnotized for anything before and was kind of nervous about how it was going to be and affect me.  This was one of the best things that I have ever done.  It was a very relaxing process and has really helped me with my eating habits.  Immediately after the first session I began to choose healthier foods over quick and easy processed fattening foods and after two months of being hypnotized I'm still automatically choosing healthy non-fattening foods for meals and no longer feel that I need to stuff myself at each meal.  I stop eating as soon as I feel full.  It has been exactly two months since I've been hypnotized and I'm already down 17 pounds and can wear clothes that I didn't used to be able to wear.  I was also able to stop taking my acid reflux medicine after two weeks of my healthier eating.  I look forward to continuing my healthier eating and watching the weight drop off easily without any will-power struggle that I went through with "dieting" in the past.  This is the easiest weight loss that I have ever done!
     -Jen, Middletown, PA



After struggling for several years with narcolepsy, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure if I could actually be hypnotized. I thought more than likely I would just fall asleep. While searching online, I came across information about Lynn Ralston and decided to give her a call. I am very happy that I did. Not only was I able to be hypnotized, I really feel much better. I am less tired and have more energy. I feel that more people would benefit by utilizing hypnotherapy.


Furthermore, I believe my experience with hypnotherapy was such a success due in large part to Lynn herself. Though I was skeptical at first, Lynn explained in great detail the science behind how hypnotherapy works. She made me feel comfortable and never judged me or my condition.

     -V.B., Carlisle, PA



Weight Loss & Healing

I have lost 40 pounds since my hypnosis session and feel great! I have been able to go off my blood pressure medicine and acid reflux medicine and stay off them.
Hypnosis was the best thing I could have done for myself.

     -J.M., Middletown, PA